6 Issue Bundle #01


Please allow up to 10 days for delivery.

A full fan of issues, a great handful of happiness: complete your set with issues one to six.

They look ravenous in books or out, and make for a nifty gift.

Litho printed for a superior, sexy finish.

Featuring: Calum Darling, Parusha Lewis, Paul Johnstone, John Allison, Sara Noble, Rosie Parker, Emily Cussins, Julie Seal, Matt Boyce, Adam Cruft, Rishi Dastidar, John Cherry, Dots and Dashes, Studio Muti, Michael Hines, Rui do Rosário Ribeiro, Joe Hedinger, Silvia Basso, Wendy Scott, Ken Eaton-Dykes, Matt Evans, Isaac Andrews, Jen Robottom, Norbert Hirschhorn, Sarah Hardin, Mr Black, James Wheale, Marianna Madriz, Jessica Cook, Andrew James Brown, Henry Billington, Sarah Chapman, Kat Franceska, Jack Starks, Tom Dunn, John Allison, S. Andrus, Thomas M.K., Jessica Edwards, J.A. Hall, Dan Broadbent, Kaos Krud, Timothy Hunt, Sarah Hardin, Eathan Keyboards, Mansour Chow, Anne-Marie Hedinger, Poppy Turner, Wesley Merritt, Mahsuda Snaith, Wendy Chard.

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